Getting to (and from) Macedonia

Though the cost of this trip doesn't include the price of your airfare from home to Macedonia, we want to help you make arrangements!

We suggest you first compare the prices of flights between your home airport and the two nearest to our starting point:
  • Skopje, Macedonia (SKP)
  • Thessaloniki, Greece (SKG)
Thessaloniki often has cheaper flights, but it's always good to check.

  • Transport from Skopje - Krusevo will be approximately 2 hours
  • Transport from Thessaloniki - Krusevo will be approximately 3 hours

(Any travel, arrival, or departure before or after the start and end dates of the tour will not be covered by Cycle Macedonia)


We will arrange your transfer to Krusevo once we know your itinerary. You may have to wait at the airport for other tour participants to arrive, as we will be ride-sharing to keep costs down (and be as green as possible!).

If you are coming from an airport other than Skopje or Thessaloniki, we cannot cover your transportation but can help you arrange it. Likewise, if you choose to arrive in Krusevo before the start date, we cannot cover transport or accommodations, but can assist in making arrangements.


We will arrange your transfer from Ohrid to your airport, but keep in mind that it will require at least three hours travel time to either Skopje or Thessaloniki airports. Morning flights will be more difficult to arrange for, which is why we suggest afternoon departures. 

If you elect to depart on any day other than the end day we cannot cover your transport or extra accommodations costs; however, we can assist you in making reservations and will help find you the best deal we can!
Cycle Macedonia is owned and operated by Sunny Land Tourism and as such can offer suggestions of places to go if you want to spend more time in the Balkans, and help you make travel arrangements to and from your next destination. Just let us know if we can be of any assistance!