About Us

We are a cooperative team of Americans and Macedonians, and we are passionate about two things: cycling, and promoting tourism in Macedonia, this amazing gem of a country in Southeastern Europe!

In 2009, our team leaders Sarah and Jaime got a brilliant idea: why not put together a tour of southwestern Macedonia for cycle enthusiasts? They pitched the idea to a local professional partner Sunny Land Tourism, working in the tourism industry consultancy and engaged with incoming touring services company for Macedonia located in Ohrid. They loved the idea and the team went forward in collaboration with local bike shops in order to put the plans together.

As Americans living abroad, we have learned to appreciate many things about this amazing country, first and foremost being its spirit of hospitality. It's still a bit unusual to see many folks cycling long distances on the roads here, but a bike culture does exist. Additionally, while Macedonia is getting more exposure and visits from international tourists, many people only visit Ohrid lake, and miss out on the many other hidden places.

Cycle Macedonia was founded in 2009 and is the original and first-ever cycling tour to explore the riches of this small country. Our tour operator and cycling guides have worked extremely hard to develop a unique experience that can only be matched by those of us who are native Macedonian guides. We have also worked hard to establish strong relationships with sustainable small business who are our partners, and who greatly enrich the overall experience for our participants. While there may be other tours offered in Macedonia, make no mistake, Cycle Macedonia is the premier, original tour and we can't wait to have you join us for the experience of a lifetime.

Krusevo, the site of the 1903 revolution against the Ottoman Turks, is revered as a national monument to Macedonian independence. Demir Hisar is home to one of the oldest still-operational Orthodox monasteries, built in the 13th century. Bitola was once the home of over twenty international consulates, and is known as one of the most cultured cities in all of Macedonia, famous for its cafes, arts scene, and home to an annual international cinematography festival. The villages of Brajcino, Dihovo, Trpejca, Maloviste, and Vevchani are often only visited by tourists with plenty of time on their hands, and each has their own special vibe. And no visit to Macedonia is complete without seeing the incomparable Ohrid, a lake and a city unparalleled anywhere else.

These are the places that we have loved getting to know in this country and we would love to share them with you!